The Portazur team

Birgit Dorn, CEO

Studies of business administration, experience as controller with companies. Supported the launch of two mobile telecoms operators in Munich as controller and head of administration.

In 1997 she founded manager mobil relocation service , having seen that a lot of people have to go through the efforts of moving alone. This means a lot of wasted time, money and energy to the individual as well as to the company.

In 2003 she further founded manager maison realty to address the growing demand of services.

Thomas Dorn, CTO

Thomas Dorn is management consultant with a successful career in Business and IT Consulting. He has assumed senior management responsibility within renowned companies and senior advisor to NOSTALIS.

An avid yachtman with a sailing yacht still located on the Baltic, he has spent many years along the Mediteranean coasts. The yearn for better weather and a faible for the french lifestyle led him to co-found portazur.


About Portazur

Portazur was founded by Birgit and Thomas Dorn in 2007 as a trademark of IMMIGRANT SONG Trust GmbH.

A long experience in the real estate and relocation business paired with a deep passion for the south of France were the motivation to found Portazur. Usually living in Hamburg (Germany) they now spend a lot of time at the Côte d'Azur.

Portazur is a partner of NOSTALIS SARL.