Glistening like pearls

A coastline of breathtaking beauty awaits you. You will find many sandy beaches, more or less crowded in summer, and just as many beach-clubs. The beaches are often subdivided in private and public sections. The private sections offer mattrasses, parasols, showers and changing cabins and also restaurant services.

The quality of the sea water is excellent and checked regularly, so that you can enjoy your beach life without hesitation. You can choose between a myriad of water activities like jet skiing, sailing, fishing or boat excursions.

You also find cultural and shopping facilities along the seaside, for example in Cannes, Nice or St. Tropez. Each of these three spots has its own atmosphere with a totally different flair. All attract thousands of tourists every year.

Cannes - a city with many different facets: Enjoy the panoramic views of the Bay of Cannes and the Iles Lérins. Cannes' architecture is formed by several persuasions such as Belle Epoque, Provencal and Californian. Today you will also find a trend for contemporary styles. It is an absolutely glamerous spot and also an important place for business activities. Cannes is the second busiest congress town in France. 

Nice - it's worth taking time to discover this town: You will find in total 19 museums (like Musée Chagall, Musée Matisse, Musée Masséna...), lots of shopping facilities and a very long beach. Nice's facade is like a painter's palette: a huge variety of colours, shades and tones.

St. Tropez - the world famous Côte d'Azur hotspot: A lovely old port, small streets with fashion boutiques, nice little bars and restaurants. And only a few miles away you have good beaches with beach-clubs, vineyards and good possibilities for hiking.


Boat Show in Cannes - Europe's leading in-water exhibition

Nikki Beach in Ramatuelle - enjoy beach life in an exclusive club

Le Club 55 in Ramatuelle - meet French movie stars or international businessmen

Millesim Beach Club in Ramatuelle - the new meeting-place

Bar Senequier in St. Tropez - directly situated at the harbour